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AlBaqir Academy

About AlBaqir Academy

AlBaqir Academy is a full-time Islamic School located in Edmonton, Alberta. AlBaqir aims to provide students with the highest standards of education infused with teachings of Islam. According to the educational philosopher, Dewey, “To possess all the world of knowledge and lose one’s own self is as awful a fate in education as in religion.” As such, AlBaqir Academy concentrates on educational as well as moral values, because it works towards graduating students who will not only be exceptional academically, but moral citizens of the world as well.

About the Project

The client had requested a full branding for the school including logo, website, stationary, uniform, business cards and agendas.


The concept behind the logo is the complexity and meaning behind the logo. The logo was created in a simple Lane font with green colours as they represent the colours of the school. The letter "i" in AlBaqir was replaced by Arabic calligraphy with the word "Baqir". Baqir also has a special meaning, it means splitter of knowledge in the Islamic faith. The 3 lines at the bottom represent a book (knowledge) that has been split.

Business Cards

The information was set up in a portrait format to fit all the information as possible but to make sure the business card doesn't look too crowded. The business card is set up to have a corporate look as well as the colours of the school.


The agenda was designed to have an interaction with students, parents and teachers. My prayer log makes them responsible to fill out the prayer they have to pray 5 times a day. The empty lines help them fill out the home work or any necessary information needed. The bottom part is for the students to write down what they have learn at school plus anything memorable moment they have had at school. Parents get to learn and know what their children have learnt at school and if they have any comments regarding their children that the teacher gets to know and read the next day.



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