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Edmonton Muslim Association

About Edmonton Muslim Asssociation

The Edmonton Muslim Association (E.M.A.) is an Edmonton-based, Non-profit Organization which was founded in April of 2017. E.M.A.'s main mission objective is to serve the advancement of Muslims in the Edmonton area by implementing the teachings of Islam. By doing so the Association will work with the Muslim communities in Edmonton to help improve and strengthen the lives of all Muslims in the region, as well as open an effective communication and coordination spectrum between all Muslim Organizations and the greater Edmonton Area.

About the Project

The client had requested a full branding for the school including logo, stationary and business cards


The concept behind the logo is based on the Shi'a faith of Islam. The organization is represented by the Human or character in the middle. The sun is representation of God and the 5 circles are representation of the family of the Prophet Muhammad. The 9 circles are representation of the 9 apostles and family of the prophet. The colour are based on the colours of Islam and light.


Envelopes based on A9 envelopes 

Business Cards

Simplicity for this business cards were important but having fun with them 

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