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Lifesaver Yeg

About LifeSaver Yeg LTD

LifeSaver Yeg is a local Edmonton company that specializes in First Aid and CPR Training. It is unique as it creates a small class room environment with lots of hands on training and sharing experiences from a Registered Nurse. LifeSaver Yeg is partnered with Canadian Red Cross & Heart and Stroke Foundation. LifeSaver Yeg also has a unique ability to provide blended learning which is an online based training for people who can not attend class. 

About the Project

Client had requested a logo and website with no limitation but unique and simple.


Understanding the clients perspective was important as well as creating something unique. There is so many logos out there for CPR and First Aid, and we wanted to keep it unique, simple and on your face.

The logo has a heart shape which describes the most important organ in the body. The heart is separated by heart beats or EKG or ECG lines. The heart is separated into 4 parts which are the parts of the heart (the right and left atria and the right and left ventricles). The First Aid sign represents health and help.


The website was created in a unique manner as to represent each class with an icon, and add an online based booking system that will reduce the work of the administrator and easy for the client to book a course.

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