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Mulani Paan House

About Mulani Paan House

Mulani Paan House is a one stop shop for indian sweets, foods and drinks that remind you of indian street food. The owner has established 2 locations now and wanted a professional and unique look in order to have a better branding.

About the Project

Design a logo, brochure and food wrappers


The client had given me only one limitation of involving a paan leaf in it, creating a paan let with 'M' cut out was the final product. It symbolizes the Paan leaf with letter 'M' to represent his name


The items in the brochure were too many and he wanted to stick to the colour orange and green. The final product had indian design with the colours requested

Food Wrappers

To reduce the cost, this wrapper was designed for press printing in Black and White.

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